AJ Bell Fringe Pick n Mix | Participant FAQs
  • What is Fringe Pick n Mix?

    Usually staged across a whole city, Fringe Pick n Mix allows the Fringe to be staged in living rooms across the world. Repurposing technology from last year’s Inspiration Machine, we’re inviting artists and audiences to capture the Fringe in miniature by uploading their own 60-second video clips for Fringe fans all over the world to enjoy. Viewers can pick a particular clip to watch or settle in to watch a mixed stream of continuous Fringe entertainment, with the ability to interact and comment on the videos as they play out.

  • What kind of clips are you looking for?

    We want you to capture the Fringe in miniature, and just like the Fringe, anything and everything goes. Perform an extract of your planned 2020 Fringe show, recreate your favourite Fringe moments, construct a pop-up, Spiegeltent-style venue in your garden – it’s entirely up to you. We know there’s no shortage of creativity at the Fringe!

  • Do you need to have registered with the 2020 Fringe to take part?

    No, anyone can take part, whether you’re a seasoned professional or just fancy your 60 seconds of Fringe fame.

  • Do I have to add subtitles?

    No, YouTube will do that for you!

  • Is there a deadline?

    The clips will be streamed throughout August. There’s no deadline as such but we recommend creating it as soon as you can for maximum impact.

  • Why are you only asking for 60-second films?

    We’re asking for 60-second clips for a couple of reasons. Firstly, to make Fringe Pick n Mix fair to everyone who takes part, it’s important the videos are the same length. We also want to make it as easy as possible for artists and audiences to get involved. Viewers who want to see more can follow our links to your website or social media profile.

  • My video is longer than 60 seconds. Can I still upload it?

    Yes you can, but as these will be edited down we would encourage you to try and stick to 60 seconds if you can.

  • Can viewers donate to my fundraising appeal?

    Yes, your video can link to any website you like, including any fundraising activity. We’ll also be inviting viewers to donate to a collective artist and venue resilience fund through the platform.

  • Can I link to other things I’ve done?

    Yes, you can link to any website, social media profile or fundraising activity.

  • Can I use a pre-existing video rather than recording from scratch?

    Yes, as long as it’s 60 seconds and fits what we’ve asked for.

  • My video contains music – do I need to secure licences before using it?

    Your clip doesn’t have to contain music, but if it does you may need to apply for a licence, specifically a ‘mechanical clearance’ which is handled by MCPS. You can find more information here

  • Can I upload multiple videos rather than just one?

    In order to give as many artists as possible a platform this August, we’d ask you to try and limit the number of videos you submit, and really focus on making your single video as impactful as possible

  • My show is unsuitable for young children. How will you flag this to audiences?

    We appreciate that not all content will be suitable for younger audiences so we’ll ask you as you upload your film. Viewers will then be given the option to view family-friendly content only. Finally, we’ll be moderating the videos for content, so even if someone ends up hitting the wrong button, they won’t see anything immediately unsuitable.

  • What else will you use my video for?

    Aside from showing your film as part of Fringe Pick n Mix, we might also use your footage to promote this activity and any future Fringe promotional activity delivered by the Fringe Society or approved third party.

  • What if I want to change or remove my video from Fringe Pick n Mix?

    Unfortunately we can’t amend videos once they’ve been uploaded, but if you’d like to remove your video, please email marketing@edfringe.com.